Name: Spaniel
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 24 (1996)
Breed: English cocker spaniel (bench)
Special ability: FWIENDSHIP!!
Playing: Cookie Run Ovenbreak, Wattam, Miitopia (switch)
Listening to: Shibuya kei, 90s indie rock
Watching: Old Jerma streams on repeat
Colours: baby pink forest green orange baby blue brown
Animal: Snails and slugs
Food: Lebkuchen, macarons, curry
Drink: Matcha latte, lychee tea, rum
Weather: Rainy
Music: New wave, post punk, lo fi, art pop
Video Games: Earthbound, Animal Crossing, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter

I feel weird using a psuedonym, but I've been using the username Spaniel around recently, so call me that. This is another personal website about nothing in particular, just something for me to focus on while I accumulate stress acne IRL. I'm trying to use this an exercise for chipping away some of the anxiety I get over being on the internet. I never had much online presence even as a kid because of social difficulties, but I did make many html profiles on virtual pet sites where I wasn't scared of embarassing myself because I was 13 and that kind of dread hadn't quite set in yet. Basically, I want to get back to that.

INTERESTS: Weird slimy animals, mushrooms, slime moulds, marine and freshwater biology, old toys, practical effects creatures and puppets, 60-70s stop motion childrens shows

HOBBIES: Digital and traditional art, sculpting, web design :3, hoarding bath supplies, listening to music, vibeo ganes, virtual pet sites, dressup games/ avatar creation (click the shuffle button on left image to see more picrews I've made)

i didnt know where else to put this @~@