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Welcome to dog-house adoptions! These creatures have decided to settle down after wandering the World Wild Web. Want your website to be their new home? Read the rulez to see how to adopt!

common ~ oh god they're everywhere... adopt as many as you like
uncommon ~ these are more unique creatures and can normally only be found in abundance in niche underground night clubs ... adopt a maximum of 3*
rare ~ very special creatures, but mostly very shy... adopt 1 only*
ultra-rare ~ contact me to adopt! Only one of these creatures exist and so ultra rares can only be adopted by one person
super ultra-rare ~ NOT 4 U
*this is over ALL species, not per species/category i.e. you can only adopt 1 rare and 3 uncommons listed on this whole page

°٭°☆ Dandylions ☆°٭°

Daisylion Sunnylion Funnylion Funkylion

Daisylion Sunnylion Funnylion Funkylion Upsydaisy